pa·nache (pə-năsh', -näsh') noun:
flamboyant confidence of style or manner
Source: Oxford English Dictionary


Panache Management (PM) is a Singapore based company, specializing in joint venture and business alliance formation, mostly between western branded goods owners and manufactures and Asian distributors or buyers based in the Asia Pacific region. Leveraging on its management skills and its Singapore operations as a hub for Asia Pacific, PM is taking an active role in representing companies in the region to strengthen their promotions, sales and brand enhancing activities.

Alex is also involved in luxury properties as well as advising high net worth individuals and clients on investments, development and co-branding strategies.


Many business consulting firms and representative companies talk about quality and partnering commitments with clients – at Panache Management we actually walk-the-talk. We do not write fancy burdensome reports. We do not produce fancy, glossy brochures or flash websites. We create an active partnership with our clients and we realize sales results.


We offer unique solutions that help companies overcome the complexities of cross-continent and cross-cultural business relations. Our strategy’s main aim is to remain actively involved and invested in the business and to oversee the long-term success of the new venture. We are fully committed to the success of our clients throughout the entire process of finding the right partners; set-up of a partnership (a joint venture, strategic or business alliance) and finally and most importantly, seeing that sales targets are legitimate and met. The bottom line for our clients is the final result achieved, as well as a mutually beneficial working relationship to ensure a long-lasting and successful business alliance. 

Martin Johnson Heade
American,1819–1904 The Stranded Boat, 1863 Oil on canvas Gift of Maxim Karolik for the M. and M. Karolik Collection of American Paintings, 1815–1865